Youth Cardiac Screenings

We offer blood pressure reading, ekgs, along with life saving cardiac ultrasounds

Cardiac Screenings

Our team performs preventative youth cardiac screenings to rule out potential life threatening heart conditions. All Madison County residents ages 10-25 can use the code MADISON to get a $20 screening thanks to Community Hospital Anderson.

Success stories

Having personally experienced a healthy family member collapsing due to sudden cardiac arrest in her 20’s due to an undiagnosed heart condition, I was ecstatic to learn of Ashley and the group providing these screenings at our local fieldhouse.  My worries are multiplied by the fact that my kids father and I are both adopted, so we have little to no medical history.  With a high school swimmer and a multi-sport middle schooler, it was honestly scary at first thinking of what the screenings might find.  Now with 2 healthy screenings behind us, it gives me such peace of mind knowing I can send my kids out to play hard and do their best!

Stephanie C.

Now Offereing HAnds-Only CPR/AED training

Are you interested in an individual or group Hands-Only CPR/AED training and certification classes? Contact us today!

Interested in a Screening or Your Would like to Volunteer?

    Ryan Latham

    1/14/2004 – 8/24/2019

    He was 15 years old. He was a son, a brother. He was a proud Lineman. Most of all, he was loved. He suddenly passed away in his sleep due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition he was unaware that he had. He had no signs and no symptoms 

    Help Us Reach Our Goal

    By donating to Play Heart Smart you help us provide limited cardiac ultrasounds and EKG's to teens in an effort to prevent Sudden Death.