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Having personally experienced a healthy family member collapsing due to sudden cardiac arrest in her 20’s due to an undiagnosed heart condition, I was ecstatic to learn of Ashley and the group providing these screenings at our local fieldhouse. My worries are multiplied by the fact that my kids father and I are both adopted, so we have little to no medical history. With a high school swimmer and a multi-sport middle schooler, it was honestly scary at first thinking of what the screenings might find. Now with 2 healthy screenings behind us, it gives me such peace of mind knowing I can send my kids out to play hard and do their best!
Stephanie C
As a mother of a young athlete there is reason for concern when it comes to their health. Being in the medical field myself I knew getting an athletic heart screening was a must. I did a great deal of research and came into contact with Ashley. She was amazing at taking out the time to go over information about the scan. She made us feel comfortable and that was very important to my son, Jordin, and I. The scan was noninvasive and only took a few minutes. Getting the results and knowing that my son did not have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy gave us both peace of mind. We will continue to get this scan every year with Ashley.
Kathy P
Hearing all the stories in the news about children collapsing and dying while playing the sports/activities they love because of undetected heart defects, I got scared and decided to reach out to Ashley to have my daughters heart scanned. Having my 11 year old athletic daughter's heart scanned has provided me with such great relief.   Thank you Ashley and Play Heart Smart
Sharee G

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